Soot: A Pokémon Story



Introducing: Legends of Ortvale

by dvogcomics on 31st Mar 2020, 11:52 PM
It cometh soon!!!

On April 1st, we will be starting Legends of Ortvale, our first original comic series! It's a medieval...ish fantasy comedy, inspired by our experience with stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft and such. A bit of a change of scenery, but we intend to hold it to our self-proclaimed standard of weirdness and general stupidity, so that, at least, is assured! We decided April Fools Day was a good day to start because there are certainly a lot of fools involved in this project.

So, what about Soot? We have a part 2 planned where our truly heroic protagonists head off to ransack explore the Johto Region, and that will come in a few months. For now, the comic will be on hiatus while we get Legends of Ortvale going. After that, we'll get to try running 2 active comics at once!

Greetings n' Stuff!

by dvogcomics on 25th Oct 2018, 11:25 PM

Hey, people of the interwebz! Introducing Soot: A Pokémon Story! This is a spoof comic about the Pokémon series, from games to anime. Follow the epic journey of the world's least epic trainer through the Kanto region... and further beyond! 

This comic premiered on Tumblr a few months ago, and I've just finished tossing it all on Comicfury to hopefully get it out to more people. Since this comic has been going for a little while, you get 70+ pages all at once! Such a bonus! There's no real update schedule right now, but you can expect 1-2 comics a week. 

Keep an eye on this space - dvogcomics has more projects in the works!